Pizza La Sottile



Grams: 320gr

Diameter: 30cm

Cooking time: 7/9'

This pizza has a unique crisp crust. Its dough makes this special version of pizza margherita a compelling experience for feelings.
Abondant in tomato and mozzarella lactose free. The best for its essence, quality, quantity and ingredient.

Ingredients: water, mozzarella 25% (lactose free milk, salt, rennet, citric acid), tomato pulp 18%, wheat starch gluten free, olive oil, cornstarch, flour of red teff, flour of lentils, brewer’s yeast, vegetable fiber (psyllium and inulina), sugar, sour dough, salt, dried milk lactose free, thickener: guar flour, anti-caking: calcium carbonate, malt corn, thickener, E464, ciric acid, oregano.

The lactose free milk powders and mozzarella employed for this pizza are lactose free. (0,02gr/100gr). It contains glucose and galactose due to its split.

Storage: keep frozen at – 18° c (*** - compartment freezer)
Once defrosted it cannot be frozen again. If food has thawed, do not refreeze
Best before end see side panel

Cooking guidelines: oven cook

1)preeheat your oven at 210°. Keep pizza frozen until oven is up to temperature
2) place frozen pizza onto the bottom shelf in its baking tray
3)bake for 7/9 minutes or until pizza is golden brown

Recycling info:

Plastic: recycled film

For 100 gr of products:


1061 kj/253 kcal



Total carboydrate

sugars 1,80gr

Total fat

satured fat 6,09gr