"12th September. Eight o'clock; the bell rings. Matilde holds hands with her friends Silvia; she greets her mother and she walks toward the hall. It's the first day of school. 

Ten o'clock; the bell rings, laughter and sniggers have been listened to from the courtyard. Matilde devours a scrummy sweet, playing on the swing. Her copper curls below in the wind.

Eyes are full of joy. The school has gone back over. The seatmates are still together." Every year, owing to the school time, we are beaten by advertisements about the trendiest and 

healthiest snacks to offer our children. Croissants, whose mould is minutely shaped by chef in order to propose Peppa Pig, Batman breadstick pockets and many others.

The surest thing is that inside this kind of chaos; it's hard to understand which is the best choice for our babies; so discouraged, we rely on specialized magazines or on experts who 

extemporize contrasting points of view.

This year, Claudia - nine years old - has been our specialist. After having followed a class run by an important nutritionist, she helped our team to draft the four essential requirements 

owned by a great meal breaks.

Thanks to the partnership between a greedy consumer and a competent doctor; for this recurring too, we have proposed to you 65 grams of pure enjoyment.

Genuineness, freshness, practicality and tastiness have become the main characters of the new "English Muffin" and " Chocolate Drop Muffin" farma&co:

Gluten free, no palm - oil added, ready to be eaten in single portion and made handcrafted everyday by our staff with first - rate ingredients.

Indeed as Claudia underlines, not only has the snack  to supply energy ready to be used, but it also has to portray a sweet and pleasant mental incentive for both children and