Farma&co Factory


The company

The company farma&co produces daily frozen gluten free and lactose free bread and pizzas for pharmacies, specialised stores, supermarkets and others. Moreover a wild selection of dry and fresh products have been repeatedly supplying for the store near the plant.

The most important duty of our team is to keep high quality and safety decreasing fully environmental impact. The consumer is at the heart of our mission. We always guarantee quality, safety, convenience and flexibility so that people may become aware of an healthy and careful nutrition.

Our products are always better: in fact there are outcome of a careful and devoted research in terms of raw materials.

For this reason all ingredients are constantly checked by the Brescia Zooprofilattico Institute .
We guarantee:

- use of olive oil for the whole range products;
- exclusive adoption of dough sour;
- increasing consumption of flour of teff, flour of lentils and many others.